Seven Venues of Comedy

What’s a show without a great venue? The Traverse City Comedy Fest is delighted to partner with the following local venues for the 2024 festival!

City Opera House

Perhaps Traverse City’s most glorious venue, this old gem hosts a variety of events throughout the year, and we’re THRILLED to have it in our rotation. These shows are all but guaranteed to sell out, so get your tickets early!

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Traverse City Comedy Club

The Comedy Club recently moved to its spacious new location down on Garfield. This place is designed for comedy, so you won’t be disappointed.

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Hotel Indigo

One of Traverse City’s newest and best located hotels, Hotel Indigo is an excellent addition to our rotation venue. If you’re coming up for the festival (or for any other occasion), it’s also a great place to stay!

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Workshop Brewing Company

The Workshop Brewing Company has long been a favorite of locals and visitors alike for its atmosphere, excellent drinks, and central location. We’re looking forward to bringing comedy to this already treasured local hangout.

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Encore 201

You really can’t get more in the heart of downtown than this. This hip new space is already bringing in all kinds of great acts, and we couldn’t be happier to have it in the rotation.

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Old Town Playhouse

Since 1960, the Old Town Playhouse has been bringing the best in community theatre to the Grand Traverse region. A leader in the area’s rich cultural environment, the Old Town Playhouse brings entertainment and education to over 20,000 participants each year, through over 90 performances, 25 Young Company performances and numerous special events and community appearances.

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The Alluvion

This intimate, creative space is designed with optimal acoustics and world-class equipment. It is dedicated to producing high-quality, highly-accessible performances, community events, visual arts, classes, workshops, and we can’t wait to have comedy!

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